Through actions taken by those of questionable dedication to the ideas of liberty, we libertarians have had what many of us considered our home — Bureaucrash Social — usurped. The reaction to this Statist coup was swift and united and the risks associated with staying at the site — that ultimately, it is controlled by those willing to use the force of the State (the political process) to accomplish their ends — is all too apparent.

Unsurprisingly, options of how to best move forward have been discussed across many sites and mediums, evidence of our dedicaiton, entrepreneurship and abilities, underscoring what we know — that freedom cannot be entrusted to authority, to a centralized body.

In that vein, we are seeking your input in order to build a more-powerful community where there is no central authority. No one gatekeeper with the power to approve or disapprove of content and ideas they deem questionable or dangerous to their corporate donors. Like Bureaucrash Social was, our new home will be a place where we can learn from each other, build life-long friendships and advance the voluntary society.

Please let us know what idea(s) you have on what this new site should be named by leaving a comment on this post. Please take into consideration that our new community will serve as a home for us radical libertarians and a place for us to introduce these ideas to others.

Timeline:* Monday – soliciation for new website name/brand as comments to this post

* Tuesday, midnight EST – comments will be closed

* Wednesday, noon EST – name/brands submitted will be placed on a poll on this website

* Friday, noon EST – poll closes

* Friday, midnight EST – new site launches


185 Responses to “ADD YOUR INPUT HERE!”

  1. The New Activist Says:

    The freedom activist network
    Free agents network

    • Free Agents is nice.

    • I actually like “Amagi” I have no idea what it means, but it sounds new & unique and easy enough to blend into the tech vernacular. But I also like the term “Anonomist” or “Autonomist” or something to that effect. Or like I offered earlier: “The Free Ball Project”

  2. First!

    Liberty Lovers

  3. ach, i wasn’t first…

  4. Liberty Action
    Freedom Action

  5. Not Leo T. Magnificent Says:

    (The) New Agorist Institute?

  6. I think that the new site should be named something like the Monkey-less Back Network, or even The Autonomous Collective.

  7. First, I suggest the name Agorist Cadre.

    Second, I really dislike this color scheme you have on this page. It is very hard to read anything in grey on black. Maybe you could use a different color scheme?

    Perhaps you are trying to suggest mourning. White is the color of mourning in many cultures, too. Try a black border rather than a black page.

    • Mr. Anon Says:

      Jim, the color scheme here won’t necessarily be used on the new site but instead were the default colors on this WordPress theme. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it though.

  8. Jason Seagraves Says:

  9. Liberty Cadre
    Liberty Hounds
    Freedom Hounds
    Cadre of Free People
    Cadre of Freedom
    Freedom Fighters

  10. Liberation Storm Front

    “He said there’s a storm coming in.”

  11. FYI, this network is to be inclusive of the minarchists, not just anarchists and agorists.

  12. I have always loved the phrase “Carpe Libertatem” I have offered to allow others to help me use my domain – It literally means “Seize Liberty” and is inclusive of both Anarchists and Minarchists… Its catchy, and it has meaning.

  13. from @vtocce: “The Free World Project”

  14. I also vote for Freedom Activist Network. It makes for a nice acronym. F.A.N. thought it isn’t nearly clever as BC.

  15. blackbloke Says:

    I certainly hope we’ll be avoiding anything related to “Storm Front”.

  16. Circle Bastiat, named after Murray Rothbard’s informal group of libertarian friends

  17. Freemarketeers.

  18. I think it would be cool if this site was open to, and encouraged membership from all radicals, as long as they aren’t the hateful bigoted type of radical.

    How about “center for stateless society social”?
    I thought about it, and I really like that name.
    The only problem is it wouldn’t be a very inclusive name.

  19. Free Universe
    World of Liberty

  20. I don’t mind if minarchists are offended by Agorist Cadre and stay away. Saves me time deliberately pushing their buttons until they are offended, Noor.

    Out of curiosity, would you also want to include bigots? If you include minarchists who believe it is okay to have police beat me up and break eleven of my bones, are you also going to encourage membership by racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes? What about pro-war neo-cons?

    What is the point of having an After Bureaucrash is taken over by the neo-cons action group if you are going to deliberately sabotage it by inviting a bunch of pro-force, pro-coercion minarchists?

    • Mr. Anon Says:

      When Pete Eyre or Jason Talley were CiC’s at Bureaucrash did you feel it was taken over? I used to be a die-hard LP guy, but then I joined bureaucrash social and was educated. What this group is intending to do is allow a place for that to happen. Most people aren’t turned anarchist in microseconds sir.

  21. Always liked “Anarchy Is Not Chaos”, since it succinctly addresses the fear most have of it.

    Might make a good bumper sticker, too.

  22. Just because you aren’t a minarchist doesn’t mean you think Agorism is the best means to the end. Not all anarchists or voluntaryists are agorists. I like making it more ecumenical. There is already the A^3 for Agorists.

    Freedom Action Network sounds good. FAN.

  23. Julian Sanchez Says:

    There was a (now long defunct) Columbia University libertarian group back in the 80s or early 90s called Freedom Conspiracy, which I always thought had a cool ring to it.

  24. Just brainstorming here…
    Amagi Action Network
    Amagi Agora (Liberty Marketplace)
    Aoristeo Agora (need someone who knows Greek to correct syntax/grammar… should translate to “The Marketplace of Ideas”
    Amagi Society (Keith C.’s Idea)

  25. Isn’t this what is about. Maybe I got the wrong idea about it, I have not had much time to spend on it.

    I really Like Xaq’s ideas using “Amagi”. Since Amagi isn’t really well known it may serve two purposes…1) serving as kind of doorway (unlocked of course) as people who have taken the time to research Amagi’s meaning and thus have the real interest and motivations to support and pursue liberty. It is not a barrier preventing entrance, but rather a doorway that can simply be opened by anyone with real interest or willing to ask a question. 2) The question that is certainly going to come up with many people is ‘What the heck is Amagi?’ I know I did. This is a great conversation starter.

    If, or rather when, we are able to open our own restaurant I would really like to call it ‘Amagi’ or ‘Bastiat’. They have a nice ring and real meaning.

    That is my small pinch of thoughts.

  26. I like the general idea of keeping it more inclusive. Concentrate on Freedom/Liberty, and leave the various flavors out of the name.

    I’m not really the creative type, so I don’t really have any suggestions of my own, but I DO like Freedom Action Network.

    (BTW: My own site’s name,, shows my lack of creativity – it was originally created to cover politics at the local, state, and national level as it relates to the Southwest Georgia (Albany area) specifically. Since its creation, it has since morphed into the center of the liberty movement in the area overall, and that is now the direction we continue to try to push it in.)

  27. Out of what is listed, F.A.N. is my favorite.
    In the heart of finding cool acronyms…

    Freedom Revival Electronic Extension

    ?? No sé

  28. “Bureaucrash” has always had a snarky flavor to it; I remember getting the sense, when I first discovered it, that I’d stumbled on to a libertarian version of The Yes Men, complete with pranks and great instances of street theatre. I’d vote for something that didn’t sound so serious and sincere that that snarky flavor was lost.

    [Notes deafening silence as great idea fails to materialize.]

  29. Freedom Conspiracy sounds a lot like Gard Goldsmith’s Liberty Conspiracy.

  30. Xaq, I like the idea of Amagi. In fact, why not leave it at that? We are the tribe of the free, Amagi. There’s even an anthem ready made at

    Amagi Agora doesn’t work. You are mixing ancient Sumerian with Greek. But it has a nice ring to it.

    I don’t want to include fascists, Nazis, Stalinists, minarchists, or anyone else who is in favor of coercion to any degree. There can be no compromise with evil. A libertarian is someone who does not advocate the initiation of force. Anyone who doesn’t understand that fact ought not to be welcome. Anyone who has that fact explained and isn’t clear on it, ought to be expelled and ostracised.

    There are plenty of places for libertarians-abusing-the-name-only. The LP is one. IPR is another. Why build them more homes?

    I suggest making the action cadre so effective, so distinctive, that everyone wants to be a part of it, even though that means giving up this idiotic minarchist fantasy.

    What state has ever been minimal? And how much of a punch in the nose is too much? No state is ever minimal, and no amount of punching me in the face is acceptable.

    • Greyson Says:

      How exactly can you start a paragraph deriding “minarchists, or anyone else who is in favor of coercion to any degree” and then end this same paragraph by saying “anyone who has [your personal definition of a libertarian] explained and isn’t clear on it, ought to be expelled and ostracized”?????

      Isn’t expulsion and ostracization kind of coercion?

      • Absolutely not. Ostracisim and exile are the ultimate forms of free market justice. You know that age old adage “Wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire?”

        Apply that to medical care. And food. And water. And protection from crime and fire.

        Nobody is obligated to interact with another person, and ostracism is merely withdrawing all of your voluntarily given interactions with someone.

      • It depends on whether freedom of association is a one way street. As I have freedom to refuse to associate with people, I would expect groups I join to have the same freedom. To expel someone who has undesirable qualities, like a tendency to express a violent bigotry of the KKK or Nazi style, seems like good maintenance. To ostracise is to choose not to associate, again, one of the many tools available on voluntary principles. YMMV.

        • Greyson Says:

          I certainly understand the exercise of free association in a market or a society, but I guess I see this project as different than an exclusive club.

          Who exactly decides what level of anarchism one must adhere to in order to maintain their status in the group? Is this just going to be an anarchist democracy ruled by the majority opinion? If we create that source of power within the organization we’re inviting corruption.

          Furthermore, to exclude any sincere opinion not only inhibits their development, but may very well rob from the group… As J.S. Mill said in one of his more brilliant moments: “the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error.

    • Jim, you’re welcome to exclude me, who am probably a minarchist or classical lib, and I certainly wouldn’t think of asking someone to coerce you to accept me. But realize that good people like those at Bureaucrash the last several years have done a lot with their writings and arguments to move me away from big-gov conservatism, and now I sometimes argue an anarchist line with Ds and Rs, planting intellectual seeds in their minds.

      Inclusion isn’t necessarily dilution – it can be a powerful force for education. And I’d love to take part in some good ABC action that helps dismantle state oppression. Even if you guys kick me out, I’ll still appreciate you and what you have taught me. But I hope you won’t.

    • Jim, we are leaving Bureaucrash because of a new CIC who seems intent on excluding us and ostracizing us in favor of other neocons. We don’t want to do the same thing by having a group policy to ostracize minarchists. I don’t want to discourage any minarchist or even statist with an open mind who engages in civil discourse. The whole point of anarchy is that individuals make the decisions about who they associate with. If a minarchist or neocon behaves badly in a discussion, members of the group will decide how to respond as individuals from the bottom up rather than with some “policy” from on high.

      You may have just been sharing a personal preference for interacting with like-minded people on this new forum, but I think it came across an attempt to impose a rule on how other people should deal with those who disagree with us.

      I think the name of the forum should make it clear that we are anarchists rather than minarchists so people don’t wander in with the wrong idea, but we don’t want to discourage people who are interested in our position, even if they are not there yet.

      • “The whole point of anarchy is that individuals make the decisions about who they associate with.”

        The whole point of my post was to express my preference not to have anything to do with minarchists and others who want just a little bit of smashing my face with a boot. You can take it any way you like it, but if you add your own interpretation then you have to be responsible for that interpretation, not me. I never said that I would impose a rule on how others behave.

        I think it is silly, and counter-productive, and a waste of your time and talent, and a degrading way to behave for you to bother with statists and war mongers and minarchists and other people who embrace evil. But your time is yours to waste as you see fit. As is mine in commenting on how you waste your time, perhaps.

        Your conclusion that a name which identifies us as self-governors, anti-statists, and not minarchists is good. I think people who are minarchists ought to actually be afraid of our group. They ought to live every day in fear that we are going to successfully expose them for the hypocrites they are.

        • I think you spent your time responding to me because you judge me a reasonable person who can appreciate your point of view. Those are the kinds of people I like to spend my time on, no matter how mistaken their ideas might be right now. Most of us who were indoctrinated in compulsory government schools went through a period of time when we didn’t understand that we were supporting or even promoting the smashing of boots into people’s faces. I left the Libertarian Party when I realized that was what I was doing. The moment I get the feeling that someone WANTS to smash faces, like Lee Doren, I disengage.

  31. rushfan Says:

    I say we go with the fr33agents name

  32. Libertarian Vanguard

    Or just “The Van” for short. “Vanguard” means in the forefront (leading edge) of a movement, which is I think the point here. It also makes a nod to MNR, which could be positive or negative, according to your tastes ;-)

    I even have the domain name from a (now quiescent) project:

    And the name and hosting (LAMP) are available to this project.

    I can see that you might want to avoid the word ‘libertarian’ though.

  33. The goal should be to assemble anti-statists. That’s simpler than insisting that people be anti-state *and* love cheese doodles and crackers. Or, be anti-state *and* believe in some other normative thing.

    I like the word “contumacy.” Link: contumacy defined. Does that give anyone any ideas for a name?

  34. Modern Times after the settlement in Brentwood, NY

    Modern Times was an individualist anarchist, utopian colony begun on March 21, 1851 on 750 acres (3 km²) of land on Long Island, New York, by Josiah Warren, Christian Sorto, and Stephen Pearl Andrews. By contract, all land was bought and sold at cost, with 3 acres (12,000 m2) being the maximum allowable lot size. The community was said to be based in the idea of “individual sovereignty” and “individual responsibility.” There was an understanding that there was to be no initiation of coercion, leaving all individuals to pursue their self-interest as they saw fit. All products of labor were considered private property. The community had a local private currency based upon labor exchange in order to trade goods and services (see Mutualism). All land was private property, with the exception of alleys which were initially considered common property but later converted to private property. No system of authority existed in the colony. There were no courts, no jails, and no police; yet, there are no reports of any problem with crime existing there. This appears to have given some credence to Warren’s theories that the most significant cause of violence in society was most attributable to policies and law which did not allow complete individuality in person and property. However, the modest population of the colony might be considered a factor in this characteristic. The Civil War, as well as a gradual infiltration into the community by those that did not share the same libertarian and economic philosophy, is said to have contributed to its eventual dissolution.

  35. Gary was able to explain what I was having trouble putting into words. Based on that, I’m going to throw my vote behind Fr33Agents.

    Everything that has been suggested so far, sounds very similar to organizations/groups that have come already (ie, Liberty Conspiracy, Liberty Radio Network etc). I’d prefer this new home to not sound like anything else. I’d also suggest the name not include “network”, “society”, “cadre”, and/or “institute”.

    I do give everyone major points for being much more creative than me on a Monday morning.

  36. This isn’t a well worked out idea, more of a jumping-off point. How about something like “Community of Individualists”? I like the apparent tension in a phrase like that and the questions it raises. Other words that might play off something like “individualist” in a similar way are “network” and “united”.

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  39. Rob Adams Says:

    I agree with some others that statists need not apply. There are any number of groups out there for the pseudo-libertarians, BC now being one of them…if this is going to be for “hardcore” libertarians then we need to have a mission statement that clearly states that we are anti-government.

    What about ELAN: Extreme Liberty Action Network?

    I like FAN too: Freedom Action Network, though I would also be fine with Freedom Activism Network or similar.

  40. Thanks for the opportunity to input.

    Liberty Lovers, L2
    Stop Statism, S2
    Freedom Fighters, F2

    I agree with Noor on the importance of being inclusive. One of the things I find most alienating about the libertarian/ anarchist blogger community is that there seem to be hundreds of factions all fighting with each other about definitions. I’m all for shunning racists and others who hide behind the banner of libertarianism to initiate force in other ways. However, I believe we will be more successful if we keep our front-end open to all who love and want to fight for liberty.

    I also agree with Gary, but I too have no ideas for a snarky name. I’ll think about it and if anything comes to me before end of day Tuesday, I’ll post another reply.

    I am not a fan of the acronym “FAN”.

    I look forward to watching this project take shape!

    • “I’m all for shunning racists and others who hide behind the banner of libertarianism to initiate force in other ways.” Exactly. That’s why I despise minarchists and others who foolishly prate about Utopian ideas like “limited” government.

      Limited government is like partial rape or half pregnancy.

  41. I would vote for nothing containing “Extreme”…I say this not for the PR problems it could cause with the propagandists (Extremism, extremists, etc…) although that is something to consider. But rather I would vote against it simply because it reminds me of a Mountain Dew (although tasty) or extreme sports drink commercial.

    How about something the lines of voluntary society, or noncoersion, something. That is all the creativity I got this am.

    • I also dislike anything “Extreme”.

      What’s “Extreme” about denouncing aggression and force? I’d think the extremists are the ones TOLERATING it.

  42. Trent Hill Says:

    Free Market Vangaurd
    The Remnant in Action(as in, Nock’s Remnant)
    Anti-State Social (this also includes minarchists)
    Freedom Phalanx
    Live Free or Socialize

    I also like the suggestion of someone below–Circle Bastiat.

    • I love Freedom Phalanx. My only complaint is that it’s too similar to Freedom’s Phoenix, another great group of activists.

  43. Trent Hill Says:

    Individualism in Action
    Recovering Our Rights (ROR)

  44. I love the idea of incorporating Nock’s Remnant in the name, as I truly see that as our role.

    How about RAN (Remnant Action Network)?

  45. Circle Bastiat…I like that one Trent. It has a certain something-something.

  46. Rob Adams Says:

    I like the idea of incorporating Nock’s Remnant into the name somehow, too. It implies that there are a few who “get it”, and they will be the foundation of the group.

  47. Personally, I find “FAN” Freedom Activist Network – I got that right I hope – a little too bland. While I think amagi, or using amagi, is allright, I think it will alienate newcomers. I know when I was new to BC and didn’t know what amagi was, I didn’t take the time to care or find out. Amagi doesn’t say much about the organization to anyone who doesn’t already know what the Amagi is, so I think it’ll be a bad ploy, or catch, to bring others into liberty-oriented thinking. The other thing I’d suggest is to not make the name so specific it really alienates others – like having anarchist or Agora in the name, unless that’s the aim of this – or you have to know a specific writer to understand what the title is about. My favorite so far is Liberty Cadre, but I can see why that wouldn’t make the best new name for a social networking site. I loved the snarkiness of Bureaucrash, so I’m gonna go bum around and try and think of some names to submit, but that’s my two cents for now.

  48. I guess before we come up with a name, it would be best to decide on a primary goal for the organization. The way I see it, we shouldn’t be in the business of trying to libertarianize the masses, but to radicalize those inclined to liberty. From there, we build up a solid network of activists.

    That’s why I am very much in favor of going with something Remnant-related.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, start here:

  49. Down With the Status Quo

  50. Rob Adams Says:

    How about just “the remnant” for the name? And I like the idea of the main focus of the group being that we radicalize minarchists instead of wasting time trying to change the minds of the statist masses, though that could be a secondary goal.

  51. I would agree with Jim Davidson – Agorist Cadre ( if not, Revolutionary Agorist Cadre after the movement of the same name in ‘Alongside Night’… )!

  52. I know this isn’t fully realistic but why not design things to be helpful to our cause. making things simpler to do on a small scale would help people setting up small independent communities mesh networks could be used for free sort of internet access.——At-least that’s a way one can help the goal from the inside of some of the more tyrannical institutions.
    well that is one thing one can do… another one is give people better and less alienable rights and fight for the freedom of individuals probably also helps our goals just to mention a phew things. that and partaking in institutions that would make very good allies. Greenpeace I think would make a very loyal and trustworthy ally for the libertarian left.

  53. i like the amagi name.
    but i also like F.A.N. too.

  54. I think the word ‘subvert’ really nails what Bureacrash was about. Subverting government and replacing it with liberty. It also seems, to me at least, to be less negative than something like ‘overthrow’.

    Subversive Liberty? Subversive Freedom? Subversive _______?

  55. There are some good suggestions here so far, thanks!

    I appreciate those who have suggested free agents / fr33 agents and unless someone suggests something I like better, I’ll be voting for this. I own several domain names related to fr33 agents and would be happy to donate them to this new organization if this name is selected.

    Please keep this discussion focused on a brand name. This project is designed to be for anyone pro-freedom / anti-statist. There are other projects designed specifically for agorists / anarchists / etc. that we will be working alongside.



    • Jason, what will be the operative intellectual and activist principles for this new site? The answer will help you choose a befitting moniker. “Pro-freedom/anti-statist” taken to its logical conclusion means agorism/anarchism. How will this site be different from the ones you’ve alluded to (which ones, btw?)?

      Here’s one for ya:
      EVOLVE (Energy Vector Of Liberty, Virtue, and Enthusiasm) or something like that… =)

  56. “The Remnant” is good.

    So is “The Remnants”.

    Use of “remnant” in one way or another would be awesome.

    Especially if, directly below “The Remnants” there is a nice quote that specifies that the group is anti-statist.

    • I’m not familiar with the reference to the “remnant” and since I don’t know the reference, it sounds like a small group of something or part of something leftover… not my vision for this group!

      • Yes, that’s exactly the idea. You might enjoy Albert Jay Nock’s essay on the topic. He wrote very well. The idea is much like Ricky Nelson’s Garden Party. You can’t please everyone, so you gotta please yourself. In fact, I’ve thought of Garden Party as the ideal political party – where there are no candidates and no seeking the reins of the state. Just a lot of pleasant people gathered in a garden, enjoying conversation, booze, and flowers.

    • Ed Wood Says:

      I like that. How about the Remnants of Liberty.

  57. How about “Talley’s troops”?

    Or “Talley’s team,” if “troops” sounds too militaristic.

    (Okay, kind of tongue-in-cheek, but I love Jason Talley).

  58. Rob Adams Says:

    fr33 agents works for me. it’s kind of ambiguous which is a plus. ^_^ And people are already familiar with it.

  59. Lots of good suggestions already.

    I like:
    The Remnant
    Carpe Libertatem
    Bastiat’s Circle

  60. Chris B Says:

    My proposal: MaxLiberty.

    Keep it simple and to the point.

  61. Greyson Says:

    This might be an awful idea… it is Monday afterall… but I wanted to post anyways, so I might as well throw it out there. Tear it apart or ignore it if you wish.

    “Get Off My Lawn”

    This does hit the snarky note that some have commented on, and it gets straight to the point without sounding too edgy, exclusive, or extreme. It nicely strings together anyone who respects private property, which is the likeliest target group for conversions.

    I do like the thought of including Nock’s Remnant idea, but it might come off as somewhat egotistical, and quite fatalistic. I’m not sure everyone involved would share the same pessimism that is couched in the term.

    Lastly, as much as I know you’d hate to alter timetables, I think with a poll like this you’re better off including all viable submissions, and then moving the top 2 or 3 into a run-off poll. Its possible that this occurs naturally, as favorites emerge, but we don’t want to run into the same problems that afflict the U.S. election system.

  62. Melissa Says:

    I like Fr33agents..

    I wish I was in a more creative mode because I would love to see a title that is snarky, easy to grasp, and looks good on stickers…

    a few other suggestions that just came to mind:
    The UnRuled
    SubvertLeaders (or Subv3rtLeaders)

    • Greyson Says:

      Snarky, easy to grasp, and looks good on stickers… Read my post above yours! :-p

      I’m still not sold on it myself, and I think I like my second idea (below) better… but it certainly fits the criteria you outlined.

  63. Greyson Says:

    I’ve got another half-formed idea:

    “The Cortex”

    (sadly the domain is already taken, but it probably would sound better with a modifier before it… Freedom’s Cortex… Liberty Cortex… Freeman’s Cortex, perhaps Freeperson’s Cortex… Common Cortex… Voluntarist’s Cortex… something like that… I’m sure someone out there will come up with the right addition.)

    Inspired by the excellent liberty-oriented series Firefly, but also relevant to the service this network should provide: “The cerebral cortex is a structure within the brain that plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness.” It also plays a critical role in coordinating and executing voluntary movements.

    I hope this network will help to build an accessible common, though not authoritative, memory; focus attention on important liberty-oriented subjects and events; increase perceptual awareness of these same concepts; provoke thought throughout society; and build and exercise a shared language and consciousness.

    • Greyson Says:

      Maybe “Civic Cortex” or “Civil Cortex”… this word might be a little too entangled in its modern usage to be appropriate, but it does have the right sound in my opinion.

  64. Bureausmash! =P

  65. The Flux Capacitor…were the liberty community supplies the 1.21 Gigawatts needed to achieve Infinite Velocity. :-)

    Ok, my foolishness is done. Off to the restaurant.

    Liberty Blender?
    Freedom or Liberty Flambeau (served on a flaming torch)?
    Dystopia Du Jour?

  66. Last one:

    Freedom or Liberty Fusion

    Fusion power is the power generated by nuclear fusion reactions. In this kind of reaction, two light atomic nuclei fuse together to form a heavier nucleus and in doing so, release a large amount of energy.

  67. I like “Liberty Activist Network” or “Freedom Activist Network”

  68. Melissa Says:


  69. Free World Order

    (I really like Free Agents though)

  70. silentthriller Says:

    I’d vote for Free World Project. Or Freedom Enterprise International or something like that

  71. Re “The UnRuled”

    The UnGoverned

    it’s got a tinge of Vinge :)

  72. free slaves

  73. Ed Wood Says:


  74. I was thinking something along the lines of “State Abolitionist Network” aka SAN or “State Abolitionist Movement” SAM or State Abolitionist People aka SAP

    Essentially Freedom activists are trying to stop slavery and we are all part of the current abolitionist movement

  75. DAVE NOLAN Says:

    May I suggest: AntiState, or Free The Future

  76. Because it’s been so maligned by those who have used it to control others… how about ‘The People for Liberty’?

    It sounded way cooler in my head than it looks in type though…

  77. The Manumission Society.

    Manumission is the release of a slave by the slave owner. I’m convinced that today’s form of slavery isn’t done at the hands of white man with whips, but at the hands of people accepting of the conditions of slavery.

    Self-ownership and self-empowerment go hand in hand. When you empower one person to step outside of their box, you empower them to take ownership of themself and to free themselves. I think that’s our goal.

  78. Serious Advocates for Liberty
    Free Individuals United
    Free Individuals Network
    Society for Liberty, Activism and Markets (SLAM)

  79. Self Ownership Society


  80. I like “Governments of One”.

    It shows that we all view ourselves as self-governing entities, while lightheartedly mocking the US military’s “Army of One” slogan. It’s anti war, anti government, and pro ME!

  81. I agree that we need a summary of what this org is intending to be and do. My vote would be that it’s open to minarchists but run by libertarian anarchists focusing on building bridges and understanding between different groups and educating everyone about activism.

    That’s the point of my though its been a slow start.

    As such I think something individualistic, distributed, and neutral in terms of anarchist ideology. I like Fr33 Agents… but would like Free Agents more due to having the say “with two threes” which would mess people up and break the flow of conversation when used. Perhaps if that is chosen and the asking price for the domain isn’t too high we could do some fundraising to buy it up.

  82. Rob Adams Says:

    League of Sovereign Individuals

    • MacFall Says:

      While I understand and agree with the position that this project should be exclusively anti-state, I don’t think that necessarily means we ought to exclude all minarchists.

      Don’t throw rocks yet; let me explain.

      It is possible for a person to reject the moral legitimacy of the state, and still believe in its inevitability. Also, there are those who believe in “voluntary government”. Which, while I believe it is an inefficient way to organize a society, can still fall within the boundaries of non-aggression.

      If we include people on the threshold of anarchism, we can absorb them. In fact, just hanging out with anarchists has a radicalizing effect on the open-minded minarchist (as I can personally testify). But if we put up an “anarchists only” sign and shutter all the windows, we can probably expect either extremely slow growth or non-growth.

      Which means we have to decide the degree to which growth is a priority. Obviously if quantity were job #1, we would never have left BC after the neocon influx. But I do believe that some level of recruitment should be a goal.

  83. I like Carpe Libertatem, but I’ll offer a few:

    Emergency Committee of Free Terra
    The Voluntary Society
    Liberty Rabble

  84. dan bier Says:

    The Sunlight Organization

  85. Dawn of Freedom
    A New Liberty
    Emergent Freedom
    Glimmer of Liberty
    Freedom Aurora

    [Yes, I used a thesaurus.]

    I really like Fr33 Agents also, though.

  86. Travis Strom Says:

    The Fuck Lee Committee
    Democracy Never!
    Sons of Agora
    Free People
    Rights Unlimited

    • Grandchildren of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty brought us the American Revolutionary War. And there were Daughters of the American Revolution but I don’t know of Daughters of Liberty at the time. Grandchildren of Liberty embraces both genders and ought to get some old fogies with money thinking about their grandkids (but probably won’t).

  87. Travis Strom Says:

    oh, and here’s an ian freeman inspired one…


  88. Todd Andrew Barnett Says:

    Freethinkers Alliance
    Voluntaryist Activists Network
    Brave New World Enterprises

    and here’s my fave:

    Governcrash (taken from Bureaucrash)

    Yours in Liberty,

    Todd Andrew Barnett

  89. Todd Andrew Barnett Says:

    I do think the Fr33 Agents one is cool.

    Yours in Liberty,

    Todd Andrew Barnett

  90. Bureausmash

  91. I like:

    Modern Times
    Manumission Society
    Contumacy ****

    I myself prefer the more abstract names over the explicit, as they are less likely to have to overcome someones built-in prejudice about a certain word.

    Therefore anything with freedom, liberty, anti-state, sovereign, collective, cadre, libertarian, is to be avoided in my book.

    And for pete’s sake can we drop the 13 yo l33tspeak too?

    Humor is good, but none of the idea so far seemed very clever in a funny way.

  92. I like Freedom Activist Network as well.

    The name lets everyone know what the organization is about. It’s a catchy acronym. It doesn’t sound fringy (is that a word?) like some of the other suggestions.

    Besides, many (if not most) people associate the word ‘freedom’ with libertarian thought and ideology (they certainly don’t associate it with liberalism or conservatism).

  93. Xaq Fixx Says:

    I am fairly against the Fr33 Agents thing, mainly because of the 1337 speak stuff. I think we need to avoid anything Anarchy Specific (as has already been stated). I think we could get away with Agora, but not Agorist,

    • Yes, aside from the 1337 connection, Fr33 Agents has a sports connotation. I also agree with Laur that anything with “network”, “institute”, or “cadre” don’t make good choices because they’re overdone. Same goes for Liberty Lovers, Freedom Fighters and similar variations. Freedom Action Network sounds to me like a local TV news service. Agora and Amagi may look appealing to us but they’re probably unknown to most people.

      If I may toot my horn, I really like my last submission: Liber-Rousers (LR), or it could be Liberty Rousers Social (LRS), because it has a cadence similar to Bureaucrash. Liberty Rousers are like rabble-rousers but instead of inciting a mass to violence or hatred, they incite them towards Liberty.

    • is just a parked domain. Let’s buy it!

    • What is “1337 speak stuff?” I like Fr33 Agents, but maybe because I don’t know the reference.

      • Leet speak. It is a childish bit of idiocy. The 7, for some reason, is T rather than an inverted L or a character in a foreign alphabet. The three is turned around to become E. It is annoying, and appeals to the juvenile. See wikipedia If the height of technology were late last millennium bulletin board systems, leet speak would be what beer swilling bullies use.

  94. spurlock2 Says:

    how about
    sic semper tyrannis
    libertas fidelitas
    liberty league(sounds like a comic book)
    I also like the FAN or liberty activist network
    I kinda like the remnant

  95. Freedom activist network or liberty activist network

    Freedoms Phallus – “Boning the state”

  96. reACTIONary Says:

    You should name the site Friends of the ABC. Friends of the ABC is the name of a French revolutionary organization in Les Misérables. The name is supposed to sound superficially like a progressive pro-education organization, but it is really a pun that means Friends of the Abyss. That is, the dispossessed and the outcasts.

  97. MacFall Says:

    New Abolitionists Network
    Modern Abolitionists Network
    Well maybe MAN wouldn’t be so good for recruitment. So: “Modern Abolitionists Alliance”
    And going further on the Abolitionist theme: “New Underground Railroad”

    Or in a different direction, the term “individualist” is fairly inclusive. So:

    Individualist Activism Alliance

  98. I Am Freedom / Free For All

    Just some thoughts…no matter the name, it will be excellent

  99. This is only half serious, but if they are going for Conservative 2.0, why don’t we do Freedom 2.0? is available.

  100. Trent Hill Says:

    for the record, Fr33Agents is already a website.

    The Remnant
    Freedom Activist Network
    Circle Bastiat

    All seem to be really popular.

  101. I agree with Joyce Brand’s comments in inclusion/exclusion. Well said.

  102. maulotaur Says:

    I vote for a really keen name (which the old one was before it got ruined)!

  103. In order to avoid people who do not subscribe to the Non-Aggression principle from taking over the new organization, I suggest using “Non-Aggreesion” in the name, such as:

    Non-Aggression Alliance
    Non-Aggression Society
    Non-Aggression Social
    Non-Aggression Network

    This would also keep it open for the minarchists.

  104. I think this article:
    contains some good insights about why compromising on principles to appeal to minarchists is a bad strategy.

    “Significant sociopolitical movements rest (in reverse order of appropriate execution) on three bases: political action, internal education, and, believe it or not, utopianism. As Robert A. Heinlein observes in another context, these ‘work in series, not in parallel—bilge one, and you bilge them all’.”

  105. How about Galt’s Gulch.

  106. got another one for you:

    “The Free Ball Project”

  107. @Jim Davidson…I absolutely respect your choice to associate with whom you choose to associate with. I also think that this is a good discussion because choosing the name of a new networking tool will inevitably involve discussions of the groups identity and purpose.

    I believe that we are all at different points in our evolution towards a common belief system. And what I liked about BC was that is accepted all that showed an interest in that belief system and allowed us to learn and share with each other. You have defined yourself as an Anarchist and you would like to associate with a group that scares minarchists. That is fine and within the BC group structure you could. And hopefully within this new group you can too.

    From personal experience belonging to BC has furthered liberty resolve, and has allowed me be to be exposed to others at different levels of their own ideological discovery. A year and half ago you and I probably would not even find ourselves on the same blog thread had it not been for BC. Yes, I knew I had libertarian ideals. But interacting, reading other’s posts and discussions, and posting mine for debate has allowed me to further my own understanding of how my innate ideology is fits into the liberty movement and has also allowed me to identify how it is still affected by the status quo ideologies or statist influences. All of this has led to us being here and having this discussion.

    I would not want this new group as a whole to deny the open discussion and debate that awakens minds and allows further self-examination and growth of an individual’s ideology. Which to me logically leads most people that are being honest to themselves towards this liberty and voluntary society movement we believe in. I certainly support your right to start or join social groups within it that only associate with people whom are at the point in their journey where they would call themselves hardcore anarchists (that is probably a stupid description but it is 1:30am). We might even meet in there within that group. But if not for the way BC was run with Pete, Jason, etc…we probably would not have.

    I do like a name that would require some sort of individual motivation to understand what the group is about (IE. what the hell is Ama-gi Society?….Hey, I had to wiki it at one point in my journey). Or something along that abstract line. It is a exclusive only to the point of self-motivation to understand and willingness to explore further, not exclusive on membership.

  108. Actually, I identify myself as a self-governor. I don’t consent to be governed by anyone else, and I don’t offer to govern anyone who wants to be governed. I don’t define myself as an anarchist, because I don’t like the historical connotations that float with that word. Though, as with Mencken, I’m sometimes tempted to hoist the black flag and begin slashing throats, I don’t agree with the bomb-throwing portrayal of anarchism. And so it is self-government for me.

    “I do have a cause though. It is obscenity. I’m for it. … Graphic pictures I adore, I love them more, if they’re hardcore!” – Tom Lehrer

    I completely agree with your thought on Amagi. In fact, I think that one word is enough by itself. It comes with a graphic we can use – the cuneiform version. It comes with an anthem to the Amagi that I wrote a few years ago. As you say it encourages people to think and look it up and come to grips with understanding.

    About four thousand years ago there was a word for our tribe, the tribe of freedom. The word was Amagi.

  109. The nice thing about Bureaucrash is that you didn’t have to look it up, most people understood the implied meaning (hence my choice of Liber-Rousers or Liberty Rousers). OTOH, some people are going to see Amagi and *not* look it up or dismiss it thinking it’s something related to magic or the Magi.

  110. So, I sat around on and off for a good couple of hours trying to figure out some names. Some of them suck – that should be a given though.

    StateSubvert, SubversiveState, Subvert the State, Bureaustrike, Bureauclash – I think someone already mentioned that one, Bureausubversy, Strike the State, Rabble Rousers, LibertyRousers, StateRabble, The State Abaters, State abate, StateLiberate, Liberate the State, Crash the bureaucracy, Crash the ‘cracy, The Ministry of Liberty, The Committee of Liberty Activism, The Department of Subversion, LibertyIntel, The Ministry of Abating Bureaucracy, The Department of Doublethink, The Ministry of Truth, The Department of State Anatomy, The Department of Crash(ing?), The Ministry of Statist Watch, The Department of Rabble Rousers, The Department of Homeland Liberty, The Department of Stateless Society, The Department of No-land (Liberty?), The Bureau of Liberty Statistics (BLS), The Bureau of Libertarian Sovereignty (BLS), The Freedom Educators Department (the FED), The Freedom Bureau of Implementation (FBI), The Ministry of Statist Subversion, The Department of Freedom Indoctrination, The Freedom Enforcement Agency, Freedonomics, CommitteeCrash, Grassroots Intel of Liberty (GRIL), The Bureau of Free Agents

    That’s all I got for now.

  111. I also support

  112. Greyson Says:

    As much as I understand the appeal of Ama-gi, I don’t think its a good idea to tie this endeavour so tightly to the past. The future of the liberty movement will be much different than the past, and as much as honoring the past is important, I think building the future should be the goal.

  113. I#ve just deleted my BCS profiel.

    In a chat jsut before I did, Lee Doran said “Let them leave”. “Them” refering to libertarians. So, yeah, just so you know where he stands.

    I look forward for bureaucrash 2.0.

  114. I’d support even more if I could figure out how to sign up. Sign up link takes me to the log in page.

    • No kidding … I tried that too and got nowhere.

      You’d think they’d get on it… considering there are potentially hundreds of signups waiting in the wings.

  115. how bout “Modern Abolitionist”


  117. I believe Kevin who’s been working on has been busy… at least he hasn’t responded to some attempts to contact him. Besides… if Fr33Agents is chosen there will be a change of platform likely. The current plan includes first creating a ning based site and then transitioning to a new platform fully under the communities control.

  118. I’ve got another one. It’s a single word from the American Declaration of Independence:


  119. autonomous Says:

    A few ideas:

    Autonomous (a play on the group Anonymous, very relevant in this context)

    Bite the Dead Hand (action oriented, rage-against-the-machine like, builds off Brink Lindsey’s wonderful metaphor for the opposite of the invisible hand, the dead hand of government)

    Chain the Dead Hand (an alternative)

  120. INkyatari Says:

    Im thinking it should be synonymous with Bureaucracy and Crash to a degree

    GovernMENTAL (Actually that may be better as a meme)

    How about SystemSHOCKERS

  121. DAVE NOLAN Says:

    Earlier I suggested AntiState. If that doesn’t ring anyone’s chimes, how about NoState, or StateBusters?

  122. autonomous Says:

    Liberty for Everyone, Evermore (LEE)

    the invisible fist

    dismantle the empire

    de-center the system

    chain the beast

    no blueprint

  123. is my favorite of those here listed, but I may as well leave my own too: or I like the double meaning, although may be off putting to foreigners. The other nice thing about it is it scales well. The site could be designed so that local affiliate groups could easily interface with the larger site with a similar name scheme (I.E.,, etc…)

  124. autonomous Says:



    no empires

  125. The name should define who you are, not who you are against. Positive message.

  126. MacFall Says:

    Oh, another idea: Break the Clock.

    That would get people wondering enough to visit a website, I think. And we could have the Rothbard quote about breaking the clock of the state on the main page.

    • MacFall Says:

      I picture a main page decorated with graphics of smashed clocks, with a crown, a fasces, a swastika, and a hammer and sickle on the faces. I can’t think of a good symbol for the American empire, but that should be one as well.

      …Well, that was my creative flash for the evening. Now how am I going to get any work done?

  127. […] ABC ACTION (After Bureaucrash) Stop statism! Wherever it occurs! « ADD YOUR INPUT HERE! […]

  128. […] A couple of days ago we solicited names from you and other freedom fighters to potentially use on the new post-Bureaucrash website. And you responded. As you can tell from the comments section there, where name suggestions were left, we received a lot of submissions. We took some time to narrow down that list, removing those that were explicitly anarchist — as we want the site to be welcoming to non-anarchists — and those for which the domains were already held by others. […]

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